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Enduring relief of Chronic pain

without medications, injections, surgery or maintence care.

Postural therapeutics is a way of treating chronic joint and muscular pain by correcting postural imbalance through orthotics. The highlight of this method of pain treatment is that it doesn't involve medications, injections, surgery or maintenance care.

Postural Therapeutics as a Treatment of Chronic Pain

Benefit from effective, long-term relief from chronic pain without medications, injections, surgery or maintenance care.

When joints in your body are not properly aligned or positioned, it can lead to overused, disused,

or misused musculature and

eccentric bearing of weight

across joint surfaces, resulting in  health problems, including osteoarthritis.

How Postural Imbalance Leads To Chronic Pain

Foot orthotics, pelvic heel lift, lumbopelvic lordosis, ischial lift are a few techniques used to correct postural imbalance. You can learn about this highly effective treatment technique in detail by reading this article written by Dr. Robert Irvin. The article also contains case studies and explains the course of treatment. Read the article by clicking here.

Correcting Postural Imbalance Can Solve Many Cases Of Chronic Pain

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